Often Awesome - ALS Fundraiser Campaign

Design Phase – ALS Event Poster: Although the project is to create a fictional event poster, I find it a great opportunity to research the process of developing fundraiser events and learn more about the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. After watching the videos about Tim LaFollette’s story of courage battling the disease, I decided to create my project theme in honor of his memory and his Often Awesome Army’s continuing work (All Aces Media, 2011). Narrowing down my options, I will be developing a print poster for a live music benefit concert and silent auction. My primary focus for the event will not only be fundraising but also to ‘friend-raise’ or increase visibility in the community, increase awareness of ALS, identify new volunteers, celebrate accomplishments, and make it easier to raise more money in the near future. With fundraiser events, we are looking at little or no budget to produce some of the needed materials. In this case, we will set a budget of $500 for materials and rely on donations for the remainder of the needs. Some tactics may not be possible for this event. Based on our budget and estimates, the event will hopefully yield 300 to 400 guest attendees. A schedule to accomplish the tactics will be developed and benchmark dates will be set to determine if they are feasible or not. All of the tactics will involve volunteer time and planning to accomplish. The media plan could include advertisements, invitations, posters, apparel, novelty items, stickers, website, video, banner and icon graphics, social media graphics, CD and case and flyers.

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